Turin visit with E-Merge

Recently we visited Turin as part of the E-Merge project. A business accelerator that offers mentoring and support in accessing credit to multicultural companies financed by the Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale and overseen by OIM - Ufficio di Coordinamento per il Mediterraneo. During the course of the day we had the opportunity to meet with three inspirational projects:

Colori Vivi
A sartorial and creative laboratory where migrant women from different countries of the world find employment. They create clothes and accessories that are the result of a process of contamination between different cultural universes in the vision of a fashion characterised by refinement and elegance but which turns its gaze to the delicate theme of social cohesion.
minrl-torino-colori-vivi minrl-torino-colori-vivi
Panacea Social Farm a cooperative that distributes its finished product “bread” but this is only the last link in a production chain that has its roots in the Parco Naturale di Stupinigi where the grain is grown, passing through the Roccati flour mill in Candia Canavese before arriving to the bakery in via Baltea 3. A small, well-oiled network that manages to control the supply chain from sowing to the table.
minrl-torino-panacea minrl-torino-panacea
Lo spaccio di cultura
Lo Spaccio di Cultura - Portineria di comunità (Community Concierge) is a project conceived by the Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare (Italian Network of Popular Culture) and is part of the 15 social innovation projects supported by the City of Turin. The Community Concierge Network is their response to this fragile moment in time, an alliance between public and private institutions, which puts the stories of those who live in a territory at the center.
minrl-torino-portineria-spaccio-cultura minrl-torino-portineria-spaccio-cultura
All three projects propose practices of integration and the valorisation of multiculturalism in very different sectors from governance, to processes and services.

This was a great opportunity for us to learn from their experience and gain crucial feedback that we hope will positively help minrl on its path to the future.

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