Inspiration at Florence Jewellery Week 2022

Last week we had the opportunity to spend an inspiring day at Florence Jewellery Week, the first annual exhibition dedicated to Contemporary Jewellery in Italy. This years program was made up of a series of Exhibitions and events:

Preziosa Main Exhibition at Galleria delle Carrozze - Palazzo Medici Riccardi was dedicated to a group of international artists including Kazumi Nagano, Lauren Kalman, Sam Tho Duong, Barbara Paganin, Conversation Piece, Anya Kivarkis, Ana Rajcevic, Jayne Wallace, Rein Vollenga. 

Particularly impressive was the work of Sam Tho Duong who cuts, folds and assembles used yoghurt pots, to create extraordinary transformable configurations to be worn as spectacular ruffs thus giving plastic new charm and value.
minrl-fjw2022-sam-tho-duong minrl-fjw2022-sam-tho-duong
Also interesting was the work of Kazumi Nagano who applies to jewellery traditional textile and pictorial techniques, to create abstract shapes, at the same time light and resistant, able to imitate both the fragility and the regenerative force of nature.
minrl-fjw2022-kazumi-nagano minrl-fjw2022-kazumi-nagano
Preziosa Young Exhibition at Galleria di Palazzo Coveri showcased the work of a selection of artists and designers chosen by a jury. This years winners were Xinia Guan, Anne Lahn Hornbæk Hansen, Pilynn Siriphanich, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, Zhipeng Wang.

We particularly enjoyed seeing the work by Xinia Guan, her silver creations speak of a ‘slow time’, allowing her to delve into the geometry of shapes and patterns observed in nature,
minrl-fjw2022-xinia-guan minrl-fjw2022-xinia-guan
and Pilynn Siriphanich who made use of the innovative material called ‘Agricultural Waste Composite’, in a collection, dedicated to the logic of upcycling and the creative recovery of waste. In doing so, the artist created jewels by folding thin sheets of this material into three-dimensional, light, and voluminous shapes.
minrl-fjw2022-pilynn-siriphanich minrl-fjw2022-pilynn-siriphanich
The Bollmann Collection one of the most important in the world for contemporary jewellery at Palazzo del Pegaso - Spazio Espositivo “Carlo Azeglio Ciampi” with a selection of works by Yasuki Hiramatsu, Bruno Martinazzi, Francesco Pavan, Fritz Maierhofer, Peter Chang, Peter Skubic, Ruudt Peters, Gerd Rothmann, and Manfred Bischoff.
minrl-fjw2022-bollmann-collection minrl-fjw2022-bollmann-collection
The final room at the same location in Palazzo del Pegaso hosted Straordinario - Giovanni Corvaja with his extraordinary headpiece woven in gold, part of the prestigious Golden Fleece series.
minrl-fjw2022-giovanni-corvaja minrl-fjw2022-giovanni-corvaja
Preziosa Makers at Scuderie di Palazzo Corsini al Prato, a sales space dedicated to designers and artists who stand out for their innovation and originality.

These final pictures show the work of Carla Riccoboni on show at Segni sul volto in Istituto de’ Bardi a seminar/workshop led by Carla Riccoboni and coordinated by Alice Rendon, in collaboration with Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School.
minrl-fjw2022-carla-riccoboni minrl-fjw2022-carla-riccoboni

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