minrl valuesJewels that speak of:

Materials & Making

We start from a concept and follow design methodologies in the production of each unique jewel, using artisanal goldsmith techniques, but also new technologies (industry 4.0) which, in a context of self-production, allow us to make some procedures more agile while always keeping control of the details. We mainly work with silver and gold but also use alternative materials including paper or silk.

Senses & Interaction

We create jewels that speak of design, which express coherent concepts beyond the simple ostentation of the material. Many invite interaction, others evoke playful memories and there are also those conceived as a manifesto of sustainability, giving the user the opportunity to share our values.

Identity & Me

We enjoy our work, every piece is an original idea influenced by our culture and backgrounds. But we also believe that if the customer is involved in the creation of their perfect jewel then this experience becomes personal and as a result these jewels are more precious to them and so treasured in time. Moving forward we aim to offer more services dedicated to the creation of personalised products, workshops and experiences.

A better world

Far from the throwaway culture, our jewels are meant to last, made in precious materials, we privileged the use of Fairmined, recycled or environmentally sustainable materials. Sustainability is at the base of our main choices, both in the range of materials used and in the processes, but above all in the message delivered and shared with our customers: we must care about the future, we have to stop destroying nature, exploiting people and polluting the planet.