The Brand Project

We are happy to have been chosen to participate in a valuable training experience: The first edition of The Brand Project, that took place at Mixtape Milano.

Through individual and group exercises, we developed a SMART goal to achieve within a year, since each brand has different needs, under the guidance of Diana Yanes and Viviana Quevedo we enthusiastically shared our stories, enriching ourselves and making the most of our own "savoir faire" which, when it becomes collective, will contribute to the achievement of our objectives.

During the workshop we had the opportunity to listen to the testimony of Veronica Varetta, entrepreneur and founder of LIL Milan, the presentations by Collitude Finanza agevolata, and The Talent Lab influencer marketing were very educational, very helpful resources that will for sure contribute to the development of our brands.

We thank Diana and Viviana for this opportunity, Mixtape for their hospitality, and above all to the other participants: Martina Pecora, Lorena Cuentas, Veronica Sommaruga, Pina Gandolfi - Pina G Milan, Ylenia Mangano - Myanamì, and Martha Nieto - The Lulo Project your enthusiasm and advice are now part of our history, lets hope we meet again in a year when our goals have become reality!

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