Milanese by choice

Article on ViviMilano - Corriere della Sera about our Colombian designer Paula Andrea Callejas Greiffenstein who is "Milanese by choice" by Giovanna Maria Fagnani

«After graduating in Colombia, I flew here to Milan, for a master's degree at Domus Academy. There I met my husband, who was one of the tutors, I found a work in several studios and stayed». Paula Andrea Callejas Greiffenstein, industrial designer, has been a lecturer at  IED Milano since 2000. Together with her husband Giovanni A. Viscomi, she founded the jewelery brand «Minrl»: creations that express concepts and stories. «We care about sustainability: we don't like fast fashion» explains Paula. «Upon arriving in Milan I had to adapt to winter - in Colombia we don't have «real» seasons - and to digital services, which were not very popular at the time. Today everything has changed». Paula is very fond of cycling. «I started by exploring the Verziere area and the Darsena, my first neighborhood. By bike I can stop and observe the buildings and courtyards, the ancient and modern fountains. In Italy you live immersed in art and often you don't realize it». What would I change about Milan? «Undoubtedly the way some people park on the bike lanes.»


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