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Article published in Corriere della Sera - ViviMilano by Laura Capasso

Recycled metals, stones extracted by unexploited workers: rings and bracelets that make those who receive and produce them happy 

A jewel is forever. However abused it may seem, this phrase hides the desire to give a gift that leaves a mark on those who receive it, so why not contribute to leaving it also on those who produce it. There are more and more jewellers who are searching for precious materials extracted without exploiting people and respecting the environment, such as those we have found for you.

1. Cooperative in the world
Belloni jewellers has a long tradition. Today it is one of the few to have converted in a completely ethical key, maintaining its craft nature. The gold and silver come from mines in Peru and Colombia managed by cooperatives of miners who extract metals with sustainable techniques. A silver band starts at 60 euros, a necklace 280 euros, and its diamond comes from the ethical mines of Canada. While the rhodolite grenade, very similar to the ruby, is found in a Tanzanian mine run by female miners.

2. If scalpels become jewellery
They were once surgical tools. In the small Atelier Minrl, Paula Andrea Callejas, Colombian, and Giovanni A. Viscomi, English, create simple design jewels by recycling precious metals and using zero-impact processing techniques (such as egg to blacken silver). Rings, bracelets, and necklaces, from 35 euros, made from gold and silver originally used for surgical tools or x-rays. In the new collection there is also a line of earrings with small pendants made from paper produced with beer and wheat scraps, from 40 euros

3. Wedding bands? Do it yourself
Uroburo is an artisan workshop and social cooperative in the heart of Milans Isola district that creates ethical jewels thanks also to the creativity of people with frailty. Brass, copper, bronze, silver and gold, extracted without invasive techniques and without the use of explosives for the excavation, are the materials of choice used for necklaces, earrings, rings with abstract and contemporary lines, starting from 50 euros, enriched with only ethical precious stones and diamonds. And those who are preparing for their big day can personally make their own wedding bands, becoming a goldsmith for a day.

Corriere della Sera Vivi Milano 16-12-2020

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