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BE FREE Homi Fashion&Jewels - Fiera Milano BE FREE Homi Fashion&Jewels - Fiera Milano

With the March 2022 edition of HOMI Fashion & Jewels, BE FREE was presented, an exhibition organised by Poli.Design that tells of and promotes freedom, a primary condition for the existence of every human being and supporting the basis - to be defended and celebrated - of every socio-cultural value.

A fascinating exhibition that brought together the creations of over one hundred established designers and brands, minrl was invited to participate with three projects that speak of freedom, in the way of wearing jewels, of combining them at will, overlapping and/or alternating them depending on the look or mood of the day. Jewels that are also worn to express ones own ideals, not surprisingly two of these can be crafted in Fairmined silver, for a public that is aware and proud of being protectors of the environment and the miners who extract the precious metals used to produce each piece.

Random Polygons, a series of polygonal rings, which are worn in an elegant and fresh way. Sometimes neatly, sometimes casually, thoughtlessly.

541 Earrings, 1 for everyday and 5 occasions. A pair of hexagonal stud earrings handmade in silver and five sets of very light decorative elements (made in different colours, shapes and materials).

Aura Ring, is a mystical object that allows us to stay in touch with our reality, each of us is at the centre of our own universe and is the only one able to make it grow, to take care of it.

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